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The aluminium-framed ESA products are manufactured by Mikkelin hitsauspalvelu

Mikkelin Hitsauspalvelu was founded in 2007. Initially, the company employed one person in addition to the entrepreneur himself; one year later, it had 4–6 employees. Mikkelin hitsauspalvelu is specialised in the welding and after-treatment of stainless and acid resistant steel. We offer different types of plate welding and pipe-flange connection welds.

The durable ESA products, manufactured in Mikkeli, Southern Savonia, are a manifestation of Finnish craftsmanship at its finest. The docks are made of aluminium, which makes them durable to use, resistant to stress from natural conditions, and light-weight. Aluminium is also a relatively eco-friendly construction material.

You will also encounter the name Mikkelin Hitsauspalvelu at the Finnish Folkrace circuits, as the entrepreneur is an avid competitor!

ESA products are manufactured by Mikkelin hitsauspalvelu.

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