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Durable Finnish piers

Aluminum-framed or wooden-framed pier for cottage and city with either tubular or concrete pontoons. The domestic ESA dock is also delivered as finished elements with the boards assembled, with the exception of larger piers on site. Fastening equipment is always supplied with the pier. Freight is managed around Finland with its own transport equipment. Also take advantage of our quay installation services.

Aluminum-framed piers are by far the most durable for use and the stresses of nature and are also lightweight. The boards are available in pressure-impregnated pine, Siberian larch or plastic composite boards.

Choose a right pier based on your needs

Choose an aluminum or wooden frame pier depending on the application. If the pier needs to be raised for the winter, the aluminum frame is the right choice for its lightness. A wooden frame is your choice if the pier can overwinter in the water.

It is also worth choosing the type of pier carefully according to the usage and the beach conditions. Is the pier solely for swimming or is there a boat attached to it? We will advise you on choosing the right pier – even a free pier inspection at your beach.

Tips for choosing a pier

Think about your usage needs. Is there a dock for swimming or do you use it for a stay and attach a boat to it? Find out the wind conditions, the depth of the beach and the structure of the bottom, including the ice conditions in winter.

It is a good idea to leave the installation of large quays in the hands of professionals. In addition to quality quays, we also provide an installation service.

Book a free pier consultation

Choosing the right pier  can be challenging. If you are unsure what type of pier for your beach you need, please contact us for a free consultation. We will guide you in choosing the right pier and we will give you a good offer!

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Esa Vahvaselkä
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